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Commercial project developed for Vlambeer porting their Luftrausers prototype made in Gamemaker to Win/linux/osx/PS Vita/PS3. We wrote this in a custom c++ engine written from scratch.

Tags: C++, OpenGL, PSGL, cross platform, windows, linux, osx, ps vita, ps3, Published, Stream, gog

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Dexeloper - Game Development Kit

Work in Progress. Pipeline software improving game develop performance.

Tags: C#, Mono, C++, OpenGL, GLSL, MySQL, Toolchain

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PSM - Super Crate Box

Commercial project developed for Vlambeer and published by Sony on the Playstation Vita and certified Android devices. My job was to port the existing game from GameMaker to the Playstation Mobile Platform within a month. Showed on GamesCom2012, and currently sold worldwide.

Tags: PSM, Sony Computer Entertainment, Published, C#, PSM, Playstation Vita,

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There Will Be Mountains

Winning game of the Brains Eden Game Jam 2013 in Cambridge UK.

Tags: Unity, C#, Mobile optimizations, rapid prototying

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Space Tramp

Winning game of the Brains Eden Game Jam 2012 in Cambridge UK.

Tags: Unity, C#, rapid prototying

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GGJ 2015 - Rat Quest

Joined the Global Game Jam 2015 with a friend in stockholm. But due to intense workload at the office we used it to relax, and so only worked a dozen hours on it.

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Tags: Unity, C#, rapid prototying

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Playstation 3 - Project Dual

WIP - A hobby project by me and two friends, using the sony devkits from school. I am currently working on optimizing the rendering and Networking parts.

Tags: OpenGL, C++, Cg, Networking Unix Sockets, Playstation 3, GCM, Procedural content, custom made framework, Multiplayer


Sophie in the Sky

Project made during the Global Game Jam 2012. Developed custom made engine in C++ using self made based Game development Kit in C#.

Tags: OpenGL, C++, custom asset pipeline, SQL, rapid prototyping


GPU Particles

This example shows GPU particles I have developed for our engine. It uses two passes, with multiple peoperties per particle.

Tags: OpenGL, C++, GLSL, GPU particles,


Super Lumiko

Project made with Alex Camilleri in three days specifically for multiplayer.

Tags: C#, XNA, Rapid Prototyping, MonoGame


GGJ2K10 - Stain

Project made during the Global Game Jam 2010. It's developed in C#, using XNA 2D spritebatch and a lot of coffee.

Tags: C#, XNA, FMOD, Rapid Prototyping

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Will Of Nature

Project made during the 2nd year at IGAD. It is developed in C++, using Ogre3D and PhysX. Also wrote some simple yet powerfull tools for this project in C# improving productivity.

Tags: C++, Ogre3D, PhysX, custom asset pipeline, C#

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Android UFO Project

Android project developed for my HTC Desire at the time. It's written in java (SDK), using openGL and Box2D, with some small tools in C# to compress assets. Low poly art by Nils Ruisch.

Tags: Android, OpenGL ES, Java, Box2D, C#

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Playstation 3 - Arkanoid

First hands-on project with the Sony Playstation 3 devkit. I developed initial framework and scene/Rendering Pipeline (fixed function OGL). Supports binary geometry format loading, basic (nonRLE)TGA texture loader, resource manager and Cg shaders.

Tags: OpenGL, C++, Playstation 3, custom framework

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Quest for Faymi

First project in 3D. Developed in Gamestudio A7, please never look into the source code.

Tags: Gamestudio Gamemaker A7

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Armafection - Rapid Prototype

Project made for school assignment 'Rapid Prototype'. Using C# XNA, we had to develop a prototype game as fast as possible.

Tags: C#, XNA, FMOD

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Suzie's Elves

Project for second year IGAD. This game is written in c++. I wrote some Autodesk Maya MEL scripts (level exporting) and C# tools (Mesh / collision exporter and realtime lighting editor) and was responsible for implementing the gameplay.

Tags: OpenGL, C++, C#, Horde3D, SFML, Maya MEL Scripting

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Mumble Tumble

A project made in 48 hours during a special game jam.

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Planet Fractal Generator

A simple planet fractal generator I wrote for a school assignment about algorithms. It's written in c++ and openGL.

Tags: OpenGL, C++, Fractals, bad coding

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GGJ2k11 - Shove Off

Project made during the Global Game Jam 2011. It's written in c++ using a costum engine. I was responsible for the gameplay.

Tags: Horde3D, C++, Rapid Prototyping, Custom asset pipeline

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IGAD Intake Assignment

My intake assignment for the NHTV IGAD course. Written in C# XNA, it was my very first attempt on making a game (instead of business applications).

Tags: C#, XNA, Serialization, Lambda, Linq, Tile Based engine, Custom framework

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Simple Raytracer

WIP - Need Screenshots...

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Software Rasterizer


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Playstation Portable - Cross-Platform Project

WIP - Working on game design...