Playstation 3 Arkanoid

Without having any experience with the Playstation 3 development kit, I had the task to make a basic arkanoid with five other programmers in three days (one day a week). My task was to make the initial project, make it compile on the PS3, make a basic framework for the others, and get a rendering/scene graph running asap.

I made the rendering context in OpenGL using the fixed function pipeline, so the rest of the team could start working on all the other parts. I wrote a basic binary model loader format for the PS3 (based on the Horde3D geo file), which appeared to be a lot more work than expected; unlike the PC, the PS3 is little-endiannes based, crippling the model loading times quite a bit. The same goes for my quick TGA texture loading, but luckily, the PS3 OpenGL implementation allowed me to use GL_BGRA as pixel format (slow, but hey, only three days), allowing me to ignore this issue for now.
I also made a resource manager, helped around with the gameplay, implemented achievement triggers and did the visuals (skybox, textures, meshes,...)
In the end, I modified the rendering pipeline to use shaders, but while working on per pixel lighting (big improvement for this low poly scene) we ran out of time, and thus kept the OGL fixed pipeline.


  • Playstation 3 devkit
  • Integration and interaction with Playstation XMB
  • Playstation achievements
  • OpenGL pipeline
  • Using Eigen math library
  • Rapid prototying in big team of programmers
  • Complete home made framework


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