Super Lumiko

Super Lumiko is the sequal of the game Lumiko, made by Alex Camilleri. Alex asked me for some help adding multiplayer support. The original game was written in Game Maker. I rewrote the game in C#, initially with MonoGame, however during development MonoGame didn't work quite as well (only supporting one joystick...), so I reverted back to Microsoft XNA.

Writing a game that does not have a generic gravity was interesting in a way that my usual gameplay/physics optimizations and tricks don't apply. As this project prototype had to be made in two days, the codebase is horrible and will forever be private.
It's always fun working with someone who already knowns what he wants up to the smallest details. Its good to make a project once a while that actually feels finished.


  • Written in C# XNA
  • TXT level format for designers (and parser to binary format)
  • Realtime editing of levels
  • Finished and polished project