Space Tramp

‘Space Tramp’ is a super addictive chunk of arcade gameplay in which the main character bounces on a trampoline, gaining height and launching himself further into the stratosphere with every rebound! Desperately avoid increasingly treacherous winds, aiming your feet back for the next bounce to finally reach outer space – and beyond!
The game was made at the Brains Eden Gamesjam in Cambridge UK. The goal was to make a game in 48 hous about the given theme 'Up'. We used the Unity game engine for this project, even though we had never used it before. Luckily the learning curve for Unity was quite simple, and we managed to finish this game on time and get the 'Best Game' award.


  • First hands-on experience with Unity
  • Using C# scripting
  • Made in 48 hours
  • Won best game award Brains Eden Games Jam 2012 Cambridge