Android UFO Project

This project was an attempt on a game project for the Android in 2010. It uses the Android SDK, with OpenGL ES 1.1. The whole project is build from scratch by me, using the collision system from Box2D.

The goal of the game is to suck up as many humans as possible, converting them to fuel your UFO and prevent crashing. While abducting humans, you have to watch out for obstacles, Cars, trucks, lightposts, balconies and street lights.

Each level is randomly generated from dozens of geometry and textures. The game supports different heights, and has one additional row of towers as a background.I used the HTC Desire (Bravo), which does not have a dedicated GPU on board, limiting the amount of polygons and texture size to a bare minimum. The moving characters are a simple openGL plane with swapping UV coordinates on a spritemap texture. I also wrote a small C# tool that can parse an OBJ Mesh file. It converts the obj to a (binary) vertex array.
The game core components are working, but unfortunately due to lost interest and time never finished it.


  • Android 2.1
  • OpenGL ES 1.1
  • Box2D collisions
  • Eclipse IDE
  • C# Obj Mesh to binary converter
  • Decent performance on Android device ( 30-40 FPS on HTC Desire)


  • No download link, possibility to resume in future
  • Art by Nils Ruisch