IGAD Intake-Assignment

This is a project I made as intake assignment for the NHTV IGAD course. It was my first attempt to make a state based game with gameplay, menus, buttons and stuff. The game is made in XNA 3, with .NET 3.5. I used C# features such as delegate functions, interfaces, Linq and serialization (for save and loading). Yes, not the most efficient tools for a game, but I didn't know any better at the time.
The game is about you preventing enemies from passing your line of defence. You do that by shooting arrows at the enemy. You have multiple characters, but can only control one at a time. Enemies sometimes drop items, which you can collect and use to improve your characters (or buy new ones).


  • Made in XNA
  • Using C# features such as delegates, linq and serialization
  • Wrote basic tilebased engine (background)
  • Textures drawn by myself