Quest For Faymi

This is a game I made during Gamelab 1, in NHTV IGAD. This was my first hands-on programming experience in 3D. The game was made in Gamestudio A7, I managed most of the team which consisted of 2 programmers and 4 artists. The game is a 3D platformer, about a mummy who want's to get back to his loved one after hundreds of years (yes, very original). In order to get to the exit, the player has to collect a number of artifacts and reach the end of the level. the physics, gameplay elements, camera and player movement were made by me (only used the build in raycast method). Most of the code is horrible, at the time, not knowing about matrices, nodes and dot/cross stuff was a hell... Still, in the end we got a nice small game and even won the 'Best Game Award' that schoolyear.


  • Made Gamestudio A7
  • Single player puzzle adventure game
  • Made in 14 days (one day a week)
  • Won NHTV IGAD 'Best Game Award' First years
  • First experience in 3D