Dexeloper - Work in Progress...

Dexeloper is a complete game development environment for artists, programmers and designers to make a game. The biggest unique point about this SDK is that it allows multiple users to work simultaneously on a project, even the same level, 'on the cloud' as those marketing folk like to say. Even playtesters who are playing the actual game, will immediately see the effects when something changes in the SDK.

Dexeloper, written in C#, combined with our C++ based game engine, allows dozens of developers to work on a project, without the need for manual asset syncronization like USB sticks or source control.
The SDK contains asset importing, making the life of artists a lot easier (.dae meshes).
One of the benifits for dexeloper is that it allows a developer to use the editor and the game at the same time on a PC, and does not require game restarts.
Dexeloper contins a build-in level editor, which uses both FPS and Maya style camera controls, allows multiple computers to work at the same time, instancing, real-time model testing, materials, shaders and other standard tools expected from a level editor.


  • Complete Game development kit
  • Supports realtime simultaneous development
  • Written in C# and OpenGL (using OpenTK wrapper)
  • Directly compatible with C++ based engine
  • Allows for instant asset changes in-game
  • Supports scripting languages ( Angel Script)
  • Easy to use