Playstation 3 Project Dual

This project is still being developed.
Images are of poor (smartphone camera) quality!

The main reason we started this project is to make something fun with the PS3 devkit. As we were not limited by a lecturer and/or grades, this project allowed me to dig into anything I find fun.

The project is made in a fully self made engine, using no third party libs apart from Eigen Math. The game is build on top of the Playstation PSGL with Cg shaders. The main idea of this project was to render as mush cubes in a scene as possible, and add some effects on them. Add an infinite terrain, multi player, smooth movement, and some simple game mechanics, should likely result in a game that is fun to play, for at least a few minutes (and if not, still some nice learning experience!).

The cubes are transformed with a 3D perlin noise generator. Attached to that is an event system allowing random effects to calculated on top of this (the shockwave effect in the demo).

As of now, the engine renders 16.384 cubes, in 1080P @~100 FPS


  • Playstation 3 devkit
  • Experience Cg shaders
  • Experience in render optimization tricks
  • Experience Networking Unix sys/socket.h
  • Working with some dedicated and skilled team mates
  • Complete home made framework